EQUI-Towel Mini Sanitizing Towel

Microfiber Horse Towel
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Our EQUI-10X Microfiber Towel with Silver Treatment is a cleansing towel for the next generation. Scientifically developed with Nano-Silver and microfiber technology. Nano sized silver particles are safely and securely woven into the fabric. These nano particles are 1/1,000,000,000 of one meter and make the towel naturally anti-bacterial, stain and odor-resistant. Silver is a natural killer of bacteria and fungus. With nano silver particles sewn into the fibers, bacteria and germs cannot hide in this towel keeping you, your horse and stable safe.

The microfiber fabric is amazingly soft and durable.

Bacteria will not live here.  Period!  

Minimize the risk and protect your investment.  Captures bacteria on contact.  Then kills it within 18 hours without washing cloth.  Works for the life of the cloth.  Long Lasting.
Can be used daily on your horse wet or dry.  No sprays or soaps needed for a super clean, bacteria free result.

Other benefits:
Experience the results of a waterless bath for your horse.  This premium microfiber cloth can hold about 10X its weight in water.  One of the only microfiber cloths out there with this capability.  This special weave microfiber horse cloth gets down deep to lift dirt without harsh rubbing or washing.

EQUI-10X Mini:  12" x 12"
Color:  White w/Silver Satin Trim

Nano-Silver Antibacterial Treated and Certified N217-1--00082
Bacteriostatic Reduction Rate 99.9% after 18 hours

Test Bacteria:  Klebsiella pneumoniae

ATCC 4352

EQUI-10X towels are very versatile in use.
Use the small 10X on your horses face and the large 10X for the entire body
Maintains its softness and durability wash after wash
The Nano-Silver Treatment is effective for the entire life of the towel

For Horses, Dogs and People
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