How to shop for Horse Blankets. Horse Blankets for the horse, pony, weanling, yearling, foal and XL horse.


All you need to know about shopping for horse blankets, how to use blankets properly on your horse and what to avoid. How blankets can help or hurt your horse. HORSE BLANKETS offers all Blankets, Coolers, Sheets and Hoods for all size horses. Shopping for winter blankets for your horse, pony, weanling, yearling, foal and XL horse couldn't be easier!

How Do I Know Which Horse Blankets To Shop For?

Okay, so let's start with this. You need to consider more than just one reason which most people do and that is it's cold and you want your horse warm. With that said there are several factors to consider here that are so important. First, will your horse be wearing a blanket all day while your at work or is someone scheduled to take off the blanket during the day for you. The other factor is when the blanket is taken off is the weather going to be nice enough for your horse not to catch a cold chill? Is your horse stabled inside a barn at night and turned out during the day? All good scenarios. It might be best to shop for an All-Around Blanket if that is the case. Second, is your horse going to be in a stable all winter with controlled climate? If so this is an easy solution for you. Shop for a horse blanket that is designed for a certain temperature range like a 200g Stable Blanket. One that doesn't need to be waterproof but can breath and keep your horse comfortable for long periods of times. Third, will your horse be standing out in the rain? If your horse is going to be outside with very little shelter, you are definitely going to be needing a rain sheet for your horse or waterproof horse blanket.

3 Do's & Don'ts when Shopping for Horse Blankets

A few tips to pin point when shopping for Horse Blankets:

1. Don't assume a waterproof horse blanket is the best solution for your turnout horse. Do shop for Breathable, Waterproof and Durable.
2. Don't just shop for best price. Do shop for a blanket that you want to last on your horse for years. The higher the # denier, the stronger the outside of your blanket will be.
3. Don't overlook the fact that your horse will lay down, roll, and buck. Do make sure your horse blanket has many heavy duty secure straps and buckles for longevity.

Winter Horse Blankets with Guarantee

Whatever your needs for your horse, we got 'em covered! If you are looking for the best winter turnout blankets or waterproof turnout blankets, HORSEWARE offers RAMBO Turnout Blankets with a 3 Year Guarantee. We also highly recommend KENSINGTON Waterproof Turnout Blankets and Protective Sheets which have a Lifetime Guarantee. Manufacturer’s warranty against faulty craftsmanship during the first 30 days of purchase. Register here. We feel the horse blankets, sheets & hoods we offer from our online store are the best quality and most durable in the industry based on customer feedback.

The Importance of Horse Blankets

Everyone in the equine industry at some point is going to purchase protective blankets and sheets for their horse. Whether it be for winter or summer it's necessary to acclimate to the climate of your horses location. You don't need to have a show horse in order to want or need to provide the best preventive protection against winter elements and harsh summer UV rays. Your horse is delicate, period. You can save hundreds of dollars by keeping your horse warmer in the winter time. Not everyone can afford a heated barn and stable so it is crucial to the health of your horse to keep them warm to prevent weight loss. One more thing to add, if your horse gets to hot while wearing a horse blanket which may cause him or her to sweat and foam, this could cause your horse trauma. The #1 thing to avoid for your horse is trauma, which can cause your horse to founder. So take precaution if your are new to having blankets on your horse.

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